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Run-through example using simulated ribosome data 08/21/2007

Go to to download the package
complete_3D_recon.tar and unzip it. There are three files in this

    - ``R70S_small.spi`` is the X-ray crystal structure of a 70S ribosome
      tRNA complex.  It was converted from the combination of PDB file
      1VS9 and 2I1C using the SPIDER software package and the pixel size
      is 3.0 Angstroms.

    - ``_ is a program to generate a set of 849
      quasi-even projections of the structure.

    - `run_through_example`_ is a set of command lines that will go
      through the whole 3-D reconstruction process.

.. _``: Demos/Runthrough/

.. _`run_through_example`: Demos/Runthrough/run_through_example

To run this example, simply type ::

    run_through_example &

The program will begin to run in batch mode. The estimated runtime
of this program is 12 hours for a 2.4GHz CPU.  Upon finishing, the
program will leave many intermediate results and log file in the
directory, please refer to help page of each command for their
individual meanings.

The final reconstruction result is ali3d_e/vol0005.spi. If finished
successfully, its structure should be almost identical to R70S_small.spi.

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