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Adding a package to the installer
Instead of having everybody repeat the same work for a package, you can add one to the installer -- it's only marginally more effort than the manual steps. 

The following steps use NumPy as example.

Get the installer base
(if you're already using the installer, you
don't need this step) ::

    svn checkout svn://hooknose.lbl.gov/sparx-installer/trunk sparx-installer

Add package

Create the package directory::

    mkdir -p sparx-installer/math/numpy

Add the ``Makefile``, following the example given by ::


Then, in sparx-installer/math/numeric do::

    make fetch
    make makesums
    make install

and fix errors (if any come up).  Once done, make the additions visible via ::

    svn add Makefile checksums

Any special installation steps required (here, C++ header files of numpy are not installed to standard place) can be handled in a ``post-install:`` target.  For example, in eman2/Makefile::

    post-install: pkg-add generate-wrappers

Update dependent packages

To update eman's dependency list, edit::


and change from ::

    DEPENDS = devel/cmake lang/python math/numeric \

to ::

    DEPENDS = devel/cmake lang/python math/numpy \

Then recompile eman::

    cd sparx-installer/sparx/eman2/
    make clean
    make install

Full documentation for the installer is in::


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