Third-party packages included in sparx

The full graphical installation uses the following packages. All are licenced under an open/free software license (gpl, lgpl, BSD, MIT).

    atk                 jpeg                pygtk-2.4
    cairo               l3gui               pyopengl
    cctbx               l3lang              pyqt
    docutils            libglade            qt
    eman2               libgnomecanvas      shared-mime-info
    expat               libpng              sip
    fontconfig          libxft              sparx
    freeglut            numeric             sparx-bootstrap
    glib                pango               swig
    gtk+                pexpect             tiff
    hdf5                pil                 tk
    intltool            pkg-config          xrender
    ipython             pygobject

For details, see the individual package.

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