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PRB from Transform class paper

  • sample3D(6,asymmetric_unit",theta_range,phi_range,"method");

need to include different versions of the icosahedron

  • Fix symmetry in wbp
  • set_rotation(Initial Array, Final Array) ; see paper
  • RA.get_sym("c3",2); # This is a rotation element of 120 degrees
  • icos_poss = get_sym_poss("icos"); # List the possible conventions of the icosahedron
  • Top_face = get_face("icos",3,"mrc"); # represents the vertices of one of faces of the icosahedron
  • RA.get_sym("icos",3,"mrc"); # This allows one to access elements of the icosahedron in the mrc convention
  • RA.get_sym("icos",3, vertex, face); #This gets the third symmetry elements when the vertex and a face are in specified position
  • em_image.py
  • Consolidate some of the rotation calls; Get rid of EMAN calls

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