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11/30/06 PAP

Zhong - work on CTF and on high-res refinement

12/15/06 PRB

PAP - compose_transform returns negative Eulerian angles sometimes; should always return positive.

PRB from Transform class paper

PRB regarding Sidewinder

tests on model created by sidewinder: 1. KLH:

b. Results in /mnt/shared/prbTestKLH/TEST_2/REFI15 KLH single particle 3D reconstruction, which uses KLH-100-class-averages-refined randomly-assigned-angles model as the reference model .Conclusions. .i. 3D volumes in a has better resolutions (FRC) than 3D volumes in b in the initial iterations of 3D reconstructions. a is also more similiar to the published model than b. (high cross correlation value) .ii. b. converges to a along with the porgress of 3D refinement. .iii. The published model could be applied CTF corrections. Hence, we cannot use FRC to compare the similarity between currently reconstructed two models with the published model. .Conclusions:. Sidewinder gives better initial model than random angle assignement.