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11/30/06 PAP

Zhong - work on CTF and on high-res refinement

12/15/06 PRB

PAP - compose_transform returns negative Eulerian angles sometimes; should always return positive.

PRB from Transform class paper

PRB regarding Sidewinder

tests on model created by sidewinder: 1. KLH

Conclusions . i 3D volumes in a has better resolutions (FRC) than 3D volumes in b in the initial iterations of 3D reconstructions. a is also more similiar to the published model than b. (high cross correlation value) . ii b. converges to a along with the porgress of 3D refinement. . iii The published model could be applied CTF corrections. Hence, we cannot use FRC to compare the similarity between currently reconstructed two models with the published model. .Conclusions:. Sidewinder gives better initial model than random angle assignement.